Logic and Computation

In CS 245 I got a lot of experience with proofs. The course covered a lot of proof techniques (eg contrapositive, induction), boolean algebra… and other interesting topics.

First year was tough for everyone, including me. There was a lot of information introduced and some of it just whizzed past me. CS 245 was great for recovering from first year and getting extra practice in proof techniques. I am extra thankful to this course for covering induction proofs as they kept reappearing later on in my other courses (note from the future).

Some of the concepts introduced in the course seemed to be dry for some. I personally find it difficult to find fellow CS peers at UW that appreciate the concepts taught in this course or even the course in general. This might be due to the fact that it was a completely different type of CS course compared to first year and this had surprised people in an unpleasant way. Who knows?

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